Meet the Team


Rohit Goel

Head,Technology and E-commerce

Rohit is a technology graduate from IIT Kharagpur and had started his career as a programmer. He has founded, invested and mentored quite a few technology start-ups, touching the lives of a lot of consumers with some fabulous products. He is a naturopathy enthusiast and believes that nature has produced everything that we require and can cure us of the disbalances in our body.
Forest Raga is his attempt to help others find this nature's gift in the most natural form possible and be one with Mother Nature! He also founded the Forest Farming Awareness programme under which Farmers are imparted knowledge on the ways and benefits of farming in the forests.


Pankaj Gupta

Head, Marketing

Pankaj, a computer science graduate from Delhi University is an internationally acclaimed digital marketeer. He is known for his passion towards nurturing orthodox skill sets. Pankaj has a knack for identifying and then combining modern business practices to revive traditional skill sets and bring world class products and services to the market.
Forest Raga is one of his initiatives to revive forest farming practices in India.


Sonal Gupta

Manager, Marketing & Communications

Sonal is a certified marketing and business professional from IIM Kolkata and has more than 13 years of experience in Consumer Engagement. She has in the past worked for brands like Trident Hotels, Panasonic, Red FM, Nokia, CCD, Coca-Cola to name a few.
She loves growing plants and wants her daughter to enjoy growing food too. She got associated with Forest Raga with the belief that she will help bring awareness in the world about sustainable forest ecosystems and will live to see a greener and a more compassionate world.


Nitin Tyagi

Head, Operations

Nitin is a computer engineer who has worked for corporations like HP and has travelled the world. He wasn't just awarded for innovation and performance in the corporate world but has been bestowed with honorary awards by Centre & State governments, NGO’s and CRPF, BSF etc for the social work that he is deeply entrenched in. He believes in बहुजन हिताय , बहुजन सुखाय and wants to change things that he doesn’t like. The state of the forests in India were deteriorating fast and Nitin got involved with the Forest Raga initiative to bring about changes in the way forests are managed. He is passionate about restoring the balances of Mother Nature.