Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the Golden Herb as known in ancient Herbal Healing Practices is far more effective and beneficial when consumed in raw form.

Fresh from the mineral rich soils of forests, raw turmeric is not just the purest form of turmeric but also offers numerous health benefits over processed turmeric.

Here are 6 benefits of using raw Forest-based Turmeric:

  1. Rich with Turmeric Oil: Forest-based turmeric retains its oils which are otherwise lost in heavily processed turmeric. Turmeric oil is a group of organic compounds that lends its aroma and pharmalogical properties to the spice.
  2. Presence of Curcumin: Turmeric contains a key active ingredient called curcumin that imparts that yellow color of the herb. In forest-based Turmeric such us Forest Raga's Turmeric + herbal supplement, this curcumin is retained as it undergoes minimal processing. Click here to know more about one of the best organic Turmeric supplements available in the market.
  3. 100% high quality raw turmeric: In forest-based farming, Turmeric grows naturally in mineral rich soils along with other plants and species which maintains the efficacy of the herb.
  4. No additives and colors: There are no additives or colors added to raw forest-based turmeric as compared to processed turmeric.
  5. Distinct aroma and taste: Owing to the presence of oil, raw turmeric has a distinct aroma and a pungent flavour giving your food an earthy and peppery flavour.
  6. Countless Health Benefits: Consuming raw turmeric can work wonders for your health and skin. Some of the notable health benefits are:


    • Aids in digestion: Presence of curcumin in raw turmeric helps trigger bile production which aids in boosting metabolism and managing digestive disorders. This also helps in weight loss or weight management.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties: Raw turmeric offers anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve joint pain and mobility issues. It is also used for treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
    • Effective for preventing cancer: The antioxidant properties of turmeric help prevent, manage and treat various forms of cancer, including skin, breast, prostate and colon cancer.
    • Prevents heart problems: Raw forest- based turmeric also helps prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Besides these benefits, raw turmeric also helps in boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy liver, kidney and skin and much more.

Add Turmeric to your daily routine

Don't forget to add Turmeric to your daily diet

Eating Turmeric on a daily basis will surely work wonders for your overall well-being.

You can add fresh turmeric to your meal like curries, veggies and milk (and call it the golden milk) or choose to  consume it as extract or root powder in form of pill, tablets and capsules.

Just remember to add some black pepper powder (which includes Bioperine) and ginger to the combination to increase the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000%. Some of the  best organic Turmeric Supplements available in the market like our Forest Raga's Supplement already have black pepper and ginger added to the capsules to increase the absorption of curcumin by the body.

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