While going through the grocery stores, anything with an organic label feels like it's grown naturally. But wait, that's not entirely true.

Yes, organic food is pesticide-free but unlike forest farming, organic farming involves other harmful practices like deep tilling, destruction of water channels, use of genetically modified species of plants, sunlight waste and more.

In forest-based farming, the plants are grown naturally with other plants, bees, birds and insects without disturbing the harmony of the ecosystem.

forest grown better than organic Here are some of the differences to highlight the benefits of forest food over organic food

  • Forest Farming involves no deep tilling which means plants thrive in soil that have all the important minerals, nitrogen and a dense flow of life beneath. Thereby ensuring high quality food just the way nature intends them to be.
  • Organic Farming on the other hand, involves land tilling which leads to high loss of nitrogen content, micronutrients and balanced porosity of the soil.
  • Forest farming follows multi-cropping method. Plants co-exist in harmony with other plants, trees and species that enable a healthy exchange of life elements, making them highly nutritious and rich in minerals.
  • Organic Farming is mostly based on mono-cropping method that destroys ecology, with no food for bees and other parts of the ecosystem round the year.
  • In forest driven farming, the mulch under the trees form the fertilisers for the plants. Plants get water to grow from rain & from other plants. Each plant is a mini pond in itself.
  • In Organic Farming, while there are no pesticides used, it€™s not like forest where nature allows things to flourish and grow by itself.


So remember! The best organic herbal supplements are the ones grown in forest.

Forest farming is mostly based on sustainable model where everything works beautifully to support and sustain each other just like Forest Raga's Forest based herbs. Forest Raga products are all natural and forest grown organic herbal supplements. Click here to know more about our processes and our products

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