While the benefits of moringa are manifold, it is crucial to consume it in appropriate quantities. Are there side effects? As with anything, too much of it is bound to come at a cost. With moringa, the benefits outweigh the side effects by a considerable margin.

This post is going to articulate the potential side effects of Moringa oleifera.

Pregnancy and Fertility 

While moringa leaves have been known to improve breast milk production post-pregnancy, components in the root, bark, and flowers can make the muscles of the uterus contract. 

Moringa leaves are highly beneficial and can be consumed. However, the usage of moringa supplements during pregnancy need to be done with care. We recommend reading the ingredient list to find out what parts of the tree have been used to prepare the extract. 

Consuming the root, bark, and flower is not recommended. It is also recommended that people undergoing fertility treatment stay away from moringa supplements that contain these parts as several studies demonstrate adverse effects of moringa on the same. 


Moringa is typically recommended in cases of hyperthyroidism to bring thyroid levels under control.

People with low thyroid function currently on Levothyroxine are recommended to consult their doctors before moringa consumption. Studies suggest that moringa might decrease the level of levothyroxine the body absorbs. 

Liver and Kidney Conditions 

Moringa has been known to interfere with liver and kidney medications. If you are being treated for any existing liver or kidney conditions, it is recommended to check with your GP if moringa can be consumed. 

Studies suggest that one of the side effects of moringa supplements is that they could potentially decrease how quickly the liver breaks down some medications. 


With considerable evidence that moringa can lower blood sugar, it is often prescribed to treat diabetes. However, if used in conjunction with diabetes medications, it could lead to lower than desired blood sugar levels.

Consuming moringa leaves or supplements, along with diabetes medications, might cause hypoglycemia. 

Laxative Properties

Moringa in large quantities could have laxative side effects. This could lead to stomach upsets, gaseous distension, diarrhoea and heartburn.


In ancient times, Moringa was revered as a sacred tree. This has given rise to several myths around its ability regarding the spirit world. 

One of the myths around the moringa tree is that the leaf can resist the coming of spirits. It is quite a common sight to see a bunch hanging over doors to safeguard the residents. Other myths include its ability to remove supernatural powers from a person or object. While plenty of people believe consuming moringa will help with mental health disorders, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional before taking any moringa supplements. 

Regardless of these myths, moringa is incredibly useful in many ways. Its medicinal and nutritional properties have been understood and used in Ayurveda and indigenous communities to treat more than 300 diseases. 

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