At least one in four women experience distressing menstrual pain characterized by a need for medication and absenteeism from study or social activities.

Period pains disrupts women’s day to day activities. Before and during the period, many of them feel exhausted, tired and experience pain in many parts of their body. Considering menstruation a monthly issue, it makes it worse for the ones who experience severe pain.

However, according to Ayurveda, periods present an opportunity to cleanse the body of toxins and renew every month.  

While painful and irregular periods happen as a result of imbalances in estrogen levels or the female hormones, a few healthy choices and natural  herbs can help you ease them in the long run. At Forest Raga, we have created just the right formulation to provide ease and relief in those painful days.

Remedy to Painful periods

Our Women Tone Herb Organic Herb Supplement which comprises of powerful ancient herbs like Shatavari,  Lodhra, Vana Tulsi and Guduchi  will help balance your hormones, normalise your menstrual cycle and relieve painful periods.  Besides these benefits, it will also help normalise your PMS symptoms by boosting body’s stamina and immunity, relieving stress and mood swings. To know more about Women Tone, read here.

Herbs are a great way to regulate your periods naturally along with some of these lifestyle adjustments that we suggest for a normal cycle.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Eliminate the toxins from your body by eating healthy leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Take it easy. Rest as much as you can and do avoid any strenuous exercises. Turn your attention inward and don’t focus on things that make you worried.
  • Take a short walk. It supports blood circulation and metabolism that helps in purification. You can also try some yoga postures designed to relieve cramps.
  • Practice deep and easy breathing. It helps to increase vitality.
  • Pay close attention to your bowel movements every day. Include a high fibrous diet like papaya and prunes if you feel constipated.

Remember, maintaining a healthy hormonal balance is essential for our well-being and the best way to do so is by making healthy lifestyle choices, eating natural and staying positive.


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