The only thing that makes us keep going amid the hustle and bustle of our daily lives is the energy stored in our bodies. If your energy reserves deplete at a faster rate, you’ll notice the symptoms of fatigue and drowsiness seeping into your lifestyle. 

One sure-shot way of energizing your life is through moringa and lemongrass. By taking them together consistently for a few days, you’ll soon notice you’re beaming up with energy and are more efficient in your daily chores. Here is a complete overview of moringa and lemongrass: 

3 Lemongrass and Moringa Benefits 

#1. Helps to counter inflammation 

Inflammation is our body’s way of taking care of injuries and infections. But if the inflammation is persistent in nature, it might result in chronic ailments, such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. 

Since moringa has isothiocyanates present in it (an effective anti-inflammatory compound), it can help in countering inflammation effectively. Lemongrass also has a couple of anti-inflammatory compounds, namely citral and geranial, which have proven benefits against body inflammation. 

So, by consuming them together, inflammation can get countered to a great extent. 

#2. Assists in regulating cholesterol 

In the past few years, medical research has found a link between high cholesterol and heart diseases. However, people generally find it difficult to lower their cholesterol. 

But with moringa and lemongrass, one can easily regulate their cholesterol levels. Moringa has proven cholesterol-lowering effects on our bodies. On the other hand, a published study has also substantiated the effective role of lemongrass in treating high cholesterol. 

Hence, this amazing moringa-lemongrass combination can be used for controlling high cholesterol. 

#3. Helps in lowering systolic high blood pressure


High systolic blood pressure poses a serious threat to a person’s health as it can give way to blood clots in the arteries. If not treated immediately, it could lead to heart diseases and kidney failure. 

Both moringa and lemongrass can be used for keeping the systolic blood pressure under control. Termed as an alternative medicine for treating high systolic blood pressure, moringa can be used as a natural control measure. Moreover, lemongrass also had good effectiveness against high systolic blood pressure

Thus, the moringa and lemongrass duo can also be used for treating high systolic blood pressure. 

How to take moringa and lemongrass for your health?


To give yourself an energy boost every day, you could try out the following easy-to-make, home recipes: 

#1. Moringa and Lemongrass Herbal Tea 

A cup of Moringa and Lemongrass Herbal Tea in the morning is all you need to give yourself an energy boost to get through the day. To make this herbal tea, you’ll need: 

  • Two cups of water 
  • 1 teaspoon of moringa powder 
  • 1 teaspoon of lemongrass powder 
  • Two teaspoons of honey 
  • ¼ cup of milk 

Instructions: First, bring the water to a boil and leave for five minutes. Once done, add the lemongrass and moringa powder, and keep the pan at a low flame for two minutes. Next, add the milk and allow it to simmer down. Finally, mix the honey and pour your all-natural herbal tea into a cup! 

#2. Moringa and Lemongrass rice 

The Moringa and Lemongrass rice is an exotic home recipe that you could enjoy in your meal. Enriched with the goodness of both moringa and lemongrass, this recipe would not only taste good but also improve your health. To make the Moringa and Lemongrass rice, you’ll need: 

  • ½ cup of rice 
  • One teaspoon of lemongrass powder
  • One teaspoon of moringa powder 
  • Two cups of water

Instructions: First things first, clean the rice and soak it for twenty minutes. Next, take an Instapot and add the rice into it with water and wait for three-four whistles. Once the rice is done, tip it into a saucepan and add the lemongrass and moringa powder. Mix it well and garnish it with herbs (optional). 

#3. Moringa and Lemongrass smoothie 

The Moringa and Lemongrass smoothie is a great way to energize yourself. A refreshing drink, this smoothie is easy to make. To make this smoothie, you’ll need: 

  • One cup of milk
  • One teaspoon of lemongrass 
  • One teaspoon of moringa 
  • One teaspoon of honey

Instructions: Place all of these ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix them well till they have a smooth consistency. Once done, pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy! 

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