While we have all heard of the miracle plant that is moringa, a lot of us are also guilty of allowing boxes of moringa powders and supplements to languish in our pantry. While there are plenty of tutorials out there on how to have moringa after mixing powders with hot water, plenty of us have looked quizzically and simply given up.

Whether or not you belong to the above category, we could all do with incorporating moringa into our daily life. Consumption of moringa powder is generally safe, and it is recommended you restrict your intake per day to about ten grams. 

Please consult your healthcare provider regarding moringa consumption if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. 

Here is a list of simple ways to incorporate moringa into your eating habits. 

Mixing it with water

Having a glass of warm water after waking up is a routine for most of us. Mixing a teaspoon of moringa powder with your water [warm or cold both work fine] is an easy way to incorporate this into your day. Most people prefer moringa in warm water mixed with a bit of lemon and honey.

Moringa tea

If you like layers of flavours, there are plenty of brands out there that sell moringa-based or moringa-infused teas. These often contain herbs like spearmint or sage. 

You could also brew it at home from scratch by simply adding moringa powder or leaves to hot water and letting it steep for a bit. You could also add slivers of grated ginger or anything else that suits your fancy.

Mixing it into smoothies

With smoothies being the easy fix to add various adaptogens and proteins, moringa is a great addition here. Moringa, both in powder or leaf form, carries with it amazing nutritional benefits. If you are someone who needs to have the moringa taste-masked, this blends wonderfully well with smoothies. Smoothies made from berries or even simple green smoothies make for an excellent base for moringa.


Sprinkling moringa powder or adding moringa leaves into any liquid recipe, particularly those of squash or pumpkin or even tomatoes, goes a long way in packing a great nutritional punch. 

Salad dressing

Moringa powder can be easily stirred into salad dressings, whether store-bought or homemade. It packs a punch when mixed in with the right ingredients, such as a lemon vinaigrette and gives you a significant antioxidant boost. 

Bake it 

Moringa powder turns some baked goods green. This means it fares well with zucchini bread, considering it is already green. You could also add it to chocolate brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and various savoury bread. An excellent place to start is with zucchini or mint, considering they are already green, and the moringa flavour will not stand alone. 


A dash of moringa powder into the pancake batter elevates the colour and the nutritional content. This is a beautiful addition to savoury pancakes and is a definite hit with children. Another way is to incorporate fresh or dried moringa leaves into pancake batter. Or make thin and crispy Indian pancakes or dosas.


Moringa lattes are not just popular at Starbucks; they can be made at home too. Simply add moringa powder into a little bit of hot milk of your choice, coffee, froth it, add some more milk, top it off with what you please, and you have your moringa latte. 

You could also add a little moringa powder to warm milk with some honey and have it before bed. 


Everyone loves a well-done frittata. Adding moringa powder or leaves to the egg mixture goes a long way in adding an extra layer of flavour and nutrition. You could also sprinkle it over omelettes or incorporate it into the mix while making it while tossing in a few other vegetables and season it well. 


Well, we mentioned zucchini and mint. Did you think avocado would be left behind? Moringa makes a great addition to guacamole. Mix moringa powder into your favourite guacamole recipe for an added antioxidant boost. 

The taste of moringa powder is strong, so the amount that may be palatable for you will depend upon the strength of the flavour of the base to which it is being added. 

Some flavours blend exceedingly well with Moringa powder like peanut or lemon, and some do not. We recommend putting on your adventurous chef hat and experimenting with various flavours until you figure out what works for you. 

However, if you simply do not have the time for this, simply pop in a capsule.

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