When translated loosely, Ashwagandha means the 'smell of a horse' implying that using it makes you as strong as a horse. The benefits of consuming ashwagandha in the right proportions have been proven over ages.

As more and more young people take to strenuous exercise regimes and bodybuilding, the question arises how Ashwagandha helps in bodybuilding. Before we go on to explain this phenomenon, it is important to understand what our body is made of.

Primarily, the human body is made of two parts, one is the fat mass while the other fat-free part consists of fluids, organ, bones and muscle. It is inevitable that if one wants to build a strong body, one has to work hard to get rid of the fat mass and strengthen the bones & muscles. This is exactly where the various properties of Ashwagandha come in like a savior! Your gym bag will thank you if Ashwagandha capsules made their way to it.

Regulates stress & encourages muscle building

Cortisol, the hormone released to manage stress, is important for regulating energy. In order to fight off stress, the body uses up energy which encourages muscle breakdown, increase in blood sugar and interrupting digestion. In short, the benefits of the stress hormone are that it readies us for emergencies physical or emotional but it can break down the hard work done in the gym by breaking down muscle, slowing down testosterone production and suppressing the immune system.

Now, the questions that might pop in your head could be how ashwagandha and bodybuilding are related or does ashwagandha increase strength?

To your relief, yes. Ashwagandha lowers cortisol levels in the body, helps increase testosterone production, elevates raw strength and muscle while greatly helping the body cope with everyday stress. 

Enhances Stamina:

Ashwagandha is known to increase your stamina therefore enabling you to exercise vigorously. It also has an impact on your sports performance and energy metabolism and is regarded as one of the most rejuvenated herbs of the 21st century ideal to turn to when your mind and body are facing a burnout.

Increases muscle mass:

Various studies have shown that right dosage of ashwagandha coupled with the right amount of diet control and exercise will enable you to get rid of extra fat and build muscle mass hence giving you a well toned body. One particular study shows that men who took just one gram of Ashwagandha every day for thirty days saw muscle gains.  

Boosts brain performance & immunity

There has been research that shows the brain functions and antioxidant activity certainly improved after Ashwagandha intake. The same was seen when the immune system of the body was taken into consideration.

With a strong and lean body your exercise performance gets better by the day. Your heart starts to function better, your oxygen intake gets better. You are well on your way to achieving the goal of that perfect body that you have always wished for.

There are tons of alternatives out there in the market from proteins to all kinds of capsules. The choice is always made by the one seeking a transformation. If you would like to opt for an all-natural path, then Ayurveda will change your life. Research has been done for years and all of it indicates that Ashwagandha has the power to really lift you up, by helping you lift (Pun intended).

When to take Ashwagandha for bodybuilding?

It is recommended to give at least a few months to see results of taking the Ashwagandha supplement. You can buy Forest Raga's capsules here!

Since Ashwagandha as a herb causes sleepiness, it is recommended to take your doses with a meal in the evening. Do note, those who have underlying conditions like thyroid, autoimmune diseases or blood sugar should always consult a doctor before starting to use any supplements.

If you're more inclined towards the Ashwagandha powder, you can mix one teaspoon with a glass of milk and add honey to it. To improve digestion and increase metabolism rate, you can also add cardamom to this mix.

Hop on your fitness journey with Forest Raga and get to the body frame you have always desired!

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