India is a land full of miraculous ancient shrubs & herbs. Ashwagandha is one such evergreen herb that is ingenious to the Indian forests, Middle East & Africa.

Ashwagandha is commonly known as Indian ginseng or Winter Cherry. The herb is equivalent to imparting horsepower & which links it to its name Ashwa meaning Horse & gandha meaning smell.

Its roots & berries have been used in traditional medicines as adaptogen since 3000 years ago. At present, Ashwagandha has built a bridge between ancient ayurveda & modern science as an elixir to beat stress and adrenal fatigue, boost mood & elevate energy.

There are various studies conducted & comparisons done among the human groups versus individual respondents for testing the efficacy of ashwagandha. The statistics from almost every research bring forth the fame of this traditional medicine for its healing properties.  

Ashwagandha & its numerous health benefits

The foundation of good health lies in the higher concentration of withanolides found in the roots of Ashwagandha. The plant has rejuvenating properties that calm the senses, balances the hormones & the immune system. It imparts additional strength to the bones, muscles & regulates the full-body functionality with its antioxidant properties.

Energy & Vitality

To rise & shine with full vigor & reenergized stamina has become a thing of the past now. The rat race is sucking the energy juices from your body. 

Taking the goodness of freshness & vitality from ancient science, the roots of Ashwagandha can renew you everyday. Time & now, scientific studies have proven that this ancient herb works magic in adding oodles of energy & rejuvenation to your aging stamina.

How to use ashwagandha for energy?

It's macho! It's muscular! It's powerful! It's revitalizing! It's feminine as well. You can have it daily in the form of an ashwagandha energy drink or sprinkle the powdered root extract on your kale salad plate. The result is going to be full of energy, as this herb will reward you with increased vitality, strength, muscle power, & immunity.

At Forest Raga, we procure the purest roots of ashwagandha from the forests & combine them with other aphrodisiac herbs to prepare a supplement like Man X to improve the libido in men.

In another organic formation, we combine ashwagandha with ayurvedic phytoestrogens to prepare a purely organic formulation Miss X. It promotes fertility & vitality in women.

2 capsules a day of this ancient remedy is just the right dosage to let the energy flow freely in your body.

Energy with Ashwagandha

Adrenal fatigue

Whenever you're stressed, there's an increase in the cortisol levels triggered by the cortisol, a stress hormone. Persistent stress creates chronic elevation of the cortisol levels, thereby impacting testosterone production as well. Without optimal testosterone levels, you'll feel fatigued, stressed, moody, & worn out. The cumulative effects of psychological factors such as stress & biological factors such as testosterone will result in weight gain & affect your libido.

Fret not! You can have Ashwagandha to your rescue. Scientific studies have found that this herb is super beneficial to relieve stress. It does this by supporting your adrenal glands to release normal levels of cortisol hormones.  

Ashwagandha dosage to add horse power to your adrenals

Just add 2 capsules a day to your daily routine & say goodbye to stress, fatigue, anxiety, & mood swings. This daily dosage will bring the purest Ashwagandha root extract to your health table. As they are procured from naturally rich forest soil in the most traditional way, it will add doses of pure health to your regime.  

Mood booster

Mental well-being has a strong connection with a nutritious diet & its better half; the ancient ayurvedic herbs. When it comes to stabilizing blood sugar levels & reducing cortisol hormones, ashwagandha takes center stage. It is an ancient adaptogen that plays a vital role in helping the body to manage stress.

It uplifts the mood by boosting brain functionality, providing cognitive support, combating depression & anxiety. Ashwagandha works directly on recuperating adrenal insufficiency & restoring vitality.

Is it safe to take ashwagandha to uplift your mood?

Ashwagandha is a safe herb, just like that yellow turmeric bottle radiating good health from your kitchen wardrobe. Adding ashwagandha to your daily routine is as healthy as consuming green tea or fiber-loaded beans & antioxidant-rich berries.

To start your day on a fresh note, you can shower that foul stress with ashwagandha energy body wash. Or how about making a refreshing latte with fresh root extracts of ashwagandha powder? Or if it is a jam-packed day for you, just popping an organically pure ashwagandha capsule once in the morning & night will keep you in good spirits.

Even better, you can keep this Holy Grail in the form of mood booster ashwagandha drops always closer to you.

Taking a guided step to ashwagandha

Rest assured! there are no side effects of including ashwagandha in your daily regime.

However, it is always advisable to get an expert opinion. For pregnant women & persons having some serious body ailments, always take your doctor's advice before starting anything new for your body.

Where do you get the purest ashwagandha withanolides?

Well! The good news is that we at make regular trips deep inside the forests to procure the purest ashwagandha roots for you.

Our affinity with herbs & forests brings forth a combination of magical potions to reward you with good health.

Get well along with our ashwagandha capsules or choose from a range of combination herbs to add evergreen rejuvenation to your health.

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