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by Forest Raga February 24, 2021

The present study was carried out to investigate the efficacy and safety of the Effects of CHANDRASHOORPAYAS (GARDEN CRESS SEED PORRIDGE) AS DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FOR LACTATING MOTHERS

1. To observe the role of Chandrashoorpayasa as a dietary supplement(Pathyakalpana) in lactating mothers
2. To collect detailed information about Chandrashoor, Payasakalpana, from Ayurveda and modern literature.

Treatment Offered

Study design: The recruitment and randomization of participants for randomized controlled trials based on consolidated standards of reporting (CONSORT)guidelines. 64 lactating mothers were screened for eligibility. Out of which 4 were excluded as they did not meet inclusion criteria. Included females were divided by simple randomization and single blinding into two groups irrespective of caste and religion.
Informed consent was obtained and randomly assigned either in a study group or in a control group. The study group received Chandrashhorapayas 100ml for 45 days and the controlled group received Shatavari powder 5gm with 100ml milk for 45 days.Ethics committee approval was taken before enrolling the subjects.
Informed consent -Written valid, Informed consent of the patient was taken prior to the commencement of the clinical trial.


Socio-demographic information of study participants.
Table 3: Distribution of patients according to age group
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Out of 60 patients, the number of patients found in the age group 20-years was 14(23.3%).In 25+age groups, they were 45(75.0%).In 30+ groups there was 1 patient(1.7%)
Table 4: Distribution According to Occupation
<div style=Occupation wise 60 patients were found in three groups that housewife, service, and laborer. Out of 60 patients, 22(36.7%) were in the housewife group. 25(41.7%) were in the service group. 13(21.6%) were in the laborer group.


In this study Chandrashoorapayas showed good results in relieving the subjective parameters in mothers, viz. lactation failure, cessation of milk formation, milk ejection, breastfeeding frequency, breast engorgement, in babies improvement in weight, the sleep of baby, cry for demand feeding, bowel pattern after one and half months. Both the groups showed significant improvement in all the parameters.
However statistical tests state that there is no much significant difference between the groups in relieving the symptoms.
No adverse effects were observed in the trial group, as safety parameters were within normal limits during the study, and overall compliance to the treatment was good. On the basis of the above observation, it may be recommended that this diet supplement is safe and effective in the management of lactational deficiency (Stanyakshaya). This study provides substantial evidence that Chandrashoorapayas can be used as a dietary supplement for the improvement of breast milk secretion. However, to see the effect on prolactin secretion further studies are necessary

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